The story concept came to me back in the 10th grade while in class the teacher was discussing psychology and while covering the topic of Sigmund Freud and his views of the Id, Ego, and superego I was imagining them inside my head and turning into human form. By my senior year the main character (who now is known as Jables Creed) was thrown in prison for rape and the battle inside is head began.

Around 1984 upon hearing constantly that I need to “put down the goddamn guitar and make something of myself”. I shelved the project, attended college(s) and went on with life and then finding home in the “8-5” routine.

In 2010, after the economy crashed and a bit of extra time on my hands my wife suggested that I “pull it off the shelf” and resume working on the story. From that point up to current time I have made it my “part time” priority (between the 8-5 struggle) and really “dug in” and expanded on the original concept and am “fleshing it out” into a story.  After a 16+ year hiatus from playing the guitar my cup is empty as far as knowing any written songs – it is now filling up with my own music as I write it.

My first immediate goal is to find a funding source that will enable me to hire a professional ghostwriter and put the mental pieces together and complete the story. I have found Robert Nahas’ from Writer Services, Tampa FL He is currently helping me organize my thoughts on the story to help assemble it all into a graphic novel.  Alison Bloom is also working as a secondary ghost writer.

My next step from there is to begin recording the music tracks and house them on the website that is currently being built.

After all this has been completed it is my dream to have the story and music adapted into a rock opera screenplay and produced in Michigan.